50+ Best Blog Ideas For Women of Color in 2020

Outside of natural hair blogs and fashion influencers, there’s a huge market for brown bloggers to explore and actually make money just writing. If you’re racking your brain trying to figure what blog to start as a woman of color, I got you covered. 

1. Real Estate Blogger – Jay Morrison  has been a driving force for educating the masses about real estate wealth. He’s recently gotten married so he’s off the market ladies but his story is one that you won’t forget. From the streets and a stint in prison to devoted father teaching classes on the street corner about financial freedom, if you’re in real estate with some knowledge to share, it will benefit you to blog more in 2020.

2. Affiliate Publisher – Having a trusted blog where your readers get a personal idea of who you are is the success to affiliate marketing. We need more brown girls teaching others how to find a perfect niche and make money from home in this new popular genre of affiliate marketing. If you’re not sure what affiliate marketing is, I wrote about it once here.

3. Travel Blogger – There’s a great Facebook group that you may have seen Black Travel Movement. With over 377K members and growing! I had no idea that so many black and brown women ventured out around the world solo. The group posts educate you how to travel low cost and the best places to go when you’re itching to take a trip.

4. Lesbian Relationship Blogger – Honestly, they’re on Instagram and YouTube in hundreds. There’s not a niche for older lesbian ladies that’s been tapped into yet. Although the younger ones are holding it down quite nicely.

5. Single Mom Blogger– I love reading Twins Mommy and blogs like it. But let’s be honest here, everyone needs an inspiration to come from someone that looks like, talks like, or deals with things similar to them. Blogs by single brown mom’s have a huge empty space in the blogging world ready to be filled.

6. Interior Decorating Blogger – There are hundreds of successful Brown girl interior designers in larger cities like Atlanta. If you have a love for this popular niche, you can obtain an interior decorating license easier than interior design. Start your business by blogging and market locally.

7. Kids With Allergies Blogger- A study here confirms that African American children suffer disproportionately more compared to white individuals to allergies. Food allergy and asthma related illnesses affect many black children. If you have a child at home with severe asthma or allergies, you have plenty of authority space to start a blog about recipes, best medical practices, and your life.

8. Declutter & Organizing Blogger– Over time families need more and more help with organizing and decluttering. It typically takes more than just a day going to drop off items at Goodwill. Great blog idea but the niche market is missing the brown ladies.

9. Time Management Blogger– Busy single and working mom’s all need advice about time management. Start a blog about your favorite tips for getting things done and having your ME time included.

10. Foodie Review Blog – Either local or national, everyone loves to know about small town places that serve great food. Network with some restaurants and they’d love the free exposure.

11. Tall Woman’s Blog– As a tall woman, I either see plus size or very thin fashion blogs. But what about the average woman with curves? We need love too.


Here are more ideas for brown girl bloggers that will become more popular in the next few years.

12. Short & Sexy Blog 

13. Plus, Tall & Classy Blog

15. Interracial Dating Blog

16. Cosmetology School Mishaps

17. Babysitting Adventures Blog

19. Young & Photogenic 

21. Country Living In The South

22. City Life Blogger

23. Nursing Blog

24. PTSD Chronicles Blog

25. Long Distance Relationship Blog

26. Young Stylist Blog

27. Single & Happy Blog

28. Team No Kids Blog

29. Dinner Ideas On A Budget

30. Southern Charm Blog

31. Choir Practice Chronicles

32. First Lady Blog (Church)

33. Children’s Ministry Blog

34. Food Truck Blogger

35. Condo Workout Ideas/Apartment Workout 

36. Kick Loving Sole (Sneakerheads)

37. Podcast & Blog (Women’s Issues)

38. Ladies In The IT Field Highlights

39. EMT Ladies Spotlight

40. Single, Brown & Happy Blog 

41. Couples Truck Driving

42. Blues Loving Couple Adventures

43. Sleepless Nights (For Insomniacs)

44. Budget Style Profile Blog 

45. Business Where Black Women Dominate

46. Island Frenzy (Caribbean Moms & Couples)

47. Advice From A Soldier (Military Women’s Blog)

48. Dating In The Military

49. Love After Retirement

50. 40’s Kind of Brown Love

51. 30’s Kind of Brown Love

52. My Mixed Family 

53. Brown Blended Family

54. Talk Tech To Me (A sexy tech girl blog/vlog)

Do you have any ideas that you’re working on? I’d love to connect and feature your blog. You can find me on Instagram here.

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