How to Start a Brown Girl Blog in 5 Steps

There’s room for you to do it! We have some amazing brown bloggers but there’s room for us all.  Check out my humble ways to start a blog in 5 steps…as a woman of color. 

You actually have a myriad (my big word for the day) of topics you could cover as an online writer but what I’m curious about is what occupies your mind on a regular basis.

Is it cooking? Parenting? Smoking weed? Recovering addiction? Being single and lonely? (That’s mine right there) So whatever it is, someone else wants to know how you feel about it too. I promise you. 

First things first. 

Something every one of us can do! What can you write 200 words about right now without doing research? If I recall correctly from my school assignments, 200–300 words is roughly 2 pages typed double space. 

After the first step, then what? 

Did you like the topic you wrote about? So you easily wrote the 200 word essay because you know all about it. (or maybe you didn’t write it, but in your mind you did.) That’s the easiest step in how to start a blog. Surprise, that’s what you should be blogging about. I have a feeling you knew that already though. 


Did you not like the topic you wrote about? In most situations, this is the case. If you didn’t like the topic you wrote about, how did you learn about it in the first place? Did you teach it? Did you attend a training? OJT experience?  Is there another angle that interests you on this topic? If not, this would not be the topic you wanna start a blog about. 

Did you hate the entire process because you want to learn something new? This may seem like the most rational choice but in fact I think it’s a cop out. At this point, go back to the original task and try again. Sure, you can take a class and learn something new….yep. But there is something in your life already that enables you to smile. Find that thing and start your blog. 

Here are some popular ways of getting started on your blog in 15 minutes. 

So now you’ve got your topic. If you would like to research more on it, go ahead but I don’t think you need it. Unless your blog is an informative one, your personality is going to be what pushes your blog traffic. 

1. Give your blog a name. 

Start by using a blog name generator to come up with an interesting blog title. I recommend this one called Masterpiece Generator. I use this one the most because the variations of names is so wild! Buy your domain name for more power moves later in the post.  Not sure about your domain yet, it’s OK!  

I’m not wild much at all so I like wild blog titles. 

blog name generator

2.) This is the fun part…choosing a blog theme.

You have several options but let’s stick with the most affordable one first. AKA, FREE. Choose a theme for your blog and grab high res pictures from websites like Pixabay or Shutterstock. Pixabay is free though. If you’re lucky to have some photos from a photo shoot, even better! 


3.) Writing Guide Tips….

Try not to write more than 2-3 sentences per paragraph. Observe the types of articles you like to read, how they’re laid out, and what about them doesn’t bore you. I personally like when people write as though they’re speaking directly to me. 

Hubspot has a great illustration that makes me laugh but it also gives you an idea of what not to do when writing.

How to Write

4.) The extra stuff your blog needs. 

In order for anyone to read your blog, the search engines have to see it right? Typically you would patiently wait for Google to “crawl” your new blog post. I’m impatient though. Instead, I submit my new blog posts to Google manually. 

Next, you would search Google Console and login using your gmail addy. In order to use this feature, you must own your domain name. Below it shows that this blog post is not currently visible online.

google console

On the left hand side, you would click on URL inspection and paste your entire blog URL into the grey search bar. 

google console2

This is what it looks when you submit the post and ask Google to check you out! 

google console3

5.) Create, network, & link back. 

Create – So I know you’re excited right? Thinking of new blog post ideas and stuff? Go ahead and create the blog post title but just don’t publish it. When you’re ready to sit down and let the juices flow, you can choose which title you want to write about. 

Network – Are you shy or outgoing? Either way it’s easy to communicate via email or online. Find other writers and ask them for an interview. Always look for inspiration, but never sacrifice your individuality. Oh yeah, & get active on Instagram. 

Link Back – As you begin writing more blog posts, start linking back to them. If you’re writing about a new movie and you previously wrote about an actor starring in this movie, link back to that post in your new post. Google likes it and your visibility online will grow so much faster!

The competition for bloggers is high, I realize that. Your personality will be what we fall in love with; not your blog posts. 


Once you get started, don’t look back. Keep writing!


Thank you so much for reading my simple steps for starting a blog. You can connect with me to stalk me (I’m single) or collab with me here