6 Reasons Why Women Write More Entertaining Blogs

How does one start an entertaining blog? The odds are in your favor if you’re a woman.

We know how to ask the same question 6 different ways. Men would probably agree right? Bloggers have to know how to create 5 different but similar blog titles that speak on different topics. Women do it best for these 6 reasons…

1. Whoever helps the kids with their homework is more entertaining.

Are you a mom with school age kids? Helping with homework makes you smarter. Google is our best friend. History lessons, scientific tables, the states, and Spanish are all topics we see nightly. If we didn’t learn it in High-school, we definitely know it now. This means we’re smarter and more entertaining. 

2. Women have to watch, analyze, and ignore every day!

In the average work place setting, there’s always some drama and/or jealousy. There’s always that one coworker you have to watch. Maybe she’s the biggest flirt, or maybe she just doesn’t know her job as well as she thinks.

Regardless, we have to concentrate on ignoring him/her or watching our back. We’re experts at seeing things from another POV. And of course, this means we’re more entertaining. 

Women are expected to keep in touch with family and friends, so we have more stories to tell. 

I have a younger brother. Sometimes I forget about him because HE NEVER CALLS HOME. I’m not saying that all boys are this way with their families. But the few times I tried NOT to call my Mom and family, I was the black sheep of the family. Meanwhile, my brother calls at random. And guess what? When he calls, everyone gets so excited. No tongue lashing, just pure joy to hear from him. Not fair at all, but we’re more entertaining just because. 

3. Women know how to multitask.

Before you judge yourself on this one, just think. If you’ve ever showered, and thought about 10 different things you need to do, you fit the criteria. When writing, you have to know where your story is going; before you even get there. And for that reason, we’re more entertaining and full of ideas.

4. It’s in the stats.

Here’s a list of the gender ratio of best selling authors across a few decades. JK Rowling dominated the Harry Potter series in the historical fiction genre.

Published by NY Times

5. Novelist John Boyne admitted it in 2017.

He may have been aiming to spark up a conversation. But nevertheless, he also backed it up. You can read the full article here. Blogging of course is a different beast.

I aim to not only snag your attention but I try to inform and sometimes make you laugh. How many times have you started reading a book, it was horrible, but you kept reading? There’s no room for boredom in blogging. My readers will click right off this page and never come back.

– John Boyne

6. Women enjoy discussing details.

I’m not just blowing smoke for this one. Here’s proof. Vanessa from the Science People nailed it. In this article on gender differences, it’s proven that we like details. And great blogs are written with what? Details!

The opinions expressed here are my experiences and therefore REAL to me. Find what speaks to you and leave the rest. As a reader, that’s what I do. But keep writing! 🌼

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